Background Check Procedure

Procedure of Peak Nordic Ski Club Regarding Background Checks of Volunteer
Coaches, Chaperones and Drivers (Updated Oct 2018)

#1. The Driver information Form will be filled out by all who drive High School skiers for the Peak Nordic Ski Club High School Team. (This includes all Coaches, Overnight Chaperones and Drivers who volunteer for Peak Nordic Ski Club.)

#2. All Middle School and High School Coaches and All High School Overnight Chaperones will go through the following Background check process:

  1. First Screening Procedure:
    1. Application form
    2. Review information and check references
  • Interview potential volunteer
    • Before obtaining Criminal History background check the following automatic disqualifiers:
      • Applicant provides inaccurate information on application
      • References provide unpleasant or disturbing information
      • Information gathered raises questions about motives
      • The volunteer refuses to complete the screening process
  1. Second Screening Procedure:
    1. Conduct Criminal History background check by NCSI
    2. Compare results against Disqualifiers
      • Disqualifiers Peak Nordic Ski Club uses:
        • Sex offences and misconduct
        • Violent Felonies
        • Felonies (other than sex or violence related) within the past 10 years ( per MADD website in 2014, in Wisconsin a driver convicted of his/her 4thDUI with a previous conviction within the last 5 years is a felon.)
        • Any child abuse or domestic violence convictions
        • Misdemeanorswithin the past seven years
        • One DUI conviction within the last 5 years
        • Two DUI convictions within the last 10 years

#3. After the background check by NCSI is complete and approved with the “green light”, it is the volunteer’s responsibility to finish the process by contacting the background check committee.  This communication will give permission to notify the appropriate manager, coach or board member that the background check process is complete and the volunteer can participate in Peak Nordic Club activities.