Bergkönig Scholarship

  • Bergkönig Scholarship Fund Statement of Purpose



  • The proceeds of the Bergkönig Scholarship Fund are managed by Peak Nordic to provide financial assistance to Peak Nordic Ski Club members and alumni in ski related training, education, travel, and race events in support of the Peak Nordic Ski Club’s mission.
  • The Bergkönig Scholarship funds will be available for:
    • Supplemental funding for Peak Nordic skiers who make it to Junior Nationals
    • Limited assistance for elite skiers who are graduates of Peak Nordic
    • Coaches’ training
  • This is not a need-based scholarship.
  • All disbursements are at the discretion of the Peak Nordic Board.
  • In order to request this scholarship, completion of the Peak Nordic Bergkönig Scholarship Form or a letter of consideration of no more than one page should be submitted with information about the applicant, the applicant’s involvement in Peak Nordic, the applicant’s skiing goals, an estimated cost of the endeavor, and what the specific request is.


Bergkönig Scholarship Application