Middle School State Criteria

Criteria for Invitation to State Meet  Middle School Peak Nordic Ski Club Team

To determine which Peak Nordic Middle School Skiers will be invited to represent our Peak Nordic 6, 7 & 8 Grade team at the Wisconsin State Meet in February 2019. 



Coaches will use 3 factors: 

1. Attendance at practice – Athletes are expected to have been at no less than 75% of practices which have been held prior to the date we must send in the roster (which is sometime in January – usually mid January or so). 

2. Attendance at races – Athletes are expected to compete in at least 2 races prior to the date we must send in the roster. Coaches encourage these to be at least one race in each technique ie at least one Classic and one Skate race. 

3. Coaches discretion – Coaches reserve the right to invite or not invite each skier depending on factors the Coaches may consider important as the roster and other planning for the State Meet competition is occurring.