It takes a community to be able to offer top-notch ski programs to children from grades K-12. Peak Nordic is very fortunate to have such a community of supporters. Want to learn more about how to give back to those that support us? Contact any of the groups listed to learn more about the groups themselves and how they support Peak Nordic.

Thank you for all you do to help keep the kids skiing!


Lapham Peak Ski Club

“The Lapham Peak Ski Club has chosen to sponsor the Peak Nordic program. Many of us have had or currently have children in this great program and realize what this club means to so many. It is our hope as a club to give back to a program who has given our community so much. Our club feels that the youth in the Peak Nordic program are the future of our sport. These youth are energetic, passionate, and good role models. Lapham Peak Ski Club is proud of their accomplishments and proud to offer our support.” Linda Stuber