Peak Nordic Kids 2023

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Sessions run January 9th – February 20th 2023



Map of where your child is dropped off and picked up 

Peak Nordic Kids 2022 Meeting Locations

As usual all parents are required to stay at Lapham Peak during the PNK session. You are welcome to help out as an Animal Shepherd or ski the trails yourself during this time.

  • Please arrive at 6:15 so you can find your group and be ready to ski by 6:30.
  • Coaches for each group will be kept as consistent as possible through the season.
  • No name tags this year. You’ll check in with your coaches.
  • Be sure to meet your skier at the end of practice at the trailhead.



What is an Animal Shepherd and what do I need to do?

  • You’ll need a background check and complete the online Safe Sport class. Peak Nordic will pay for this. Start here to get this process going.
  • An Animal Shepherd supports the coaches and helps keep the kids in their proper groups.
  • As an Animal Shepherd you’ll need to be on skis but you do NOT have to coach. The coaches will let you know how to best help them.

Policy 12:Weather Cancellation for Peak Nordic Kids

  1. Peak Nordic Kids sessions are weather dependent.
  2. The following criteria are applied to the Delafield hourly weather forecast (from at 12:00pm the day of the session: The prediction for 7:00pm must be +5 degrees Fahrenheit or above and the winds less than 20mph to hold the session.
  3. A session may also be canceled due to rain.
  4. When a session is canceled, families are notified via a Team Snap email. The cancellation is also noted under “Ski Trail Conditions” on the Friends of Lapham Peak website at:
  5. No refunds are given for canceled sessions.
  6. Makeup sessions are possible, but not guaranteed.

Here is the link for the entire list of Peak Nordic Policies and Procedures