About Us

Mission statement: To promote the sport of cross country skiing by providing an organized teaching and competitive venue for all area youth.

Middle School

Board Officers

President Mary Eloranta (Term expires in 2025)

Secretary Bryn Perry (Term expires in 2025)

Treasurer Melody Meyer (Term expires in 2023)


Board Members

High School
  • Stephen Baas (2024)
  • Rick Dykowski (2024)
  • Roy Nilsen (2022)
  • Lisa Yewer (2024)
  • Kevin Seay (2023)
  • Dave Olenchek (2023)




Be a Volunteer!


Donate to the Peak Nordic Endowment Fund

To submit a donation to the Endowment fund via a check please mail it to:

Waukesha County Community Foundation (WCCF)
Peak Nordic Ski Club
2727 N Grandview Blvd #301
Waukesha, WI 53188

Please make check payable to: WCCF- Peak Nordic Ski Club