Roller Ski Safety Requirements

Safety is our highest priority while roller skiing. We will pick routes with minimal risk but skiers are responsible for their own personal safety. No skier will be allowed to ski without a helmet – period.  A light, blinking or steady, is also required. Skiers will be instructed on the safe and proper use of equipment before being allowed to ski and are expected to follow these rules:

  1. In addition to mandatory safety helmet, roller skiers are encouraged to wear bright colored clothing/safety vest and gloves.
  2. Skiers should inspect their roller skis for loose parts or other defects before going skiing and tell a coach if there is a problem.
  3. Skiers should maintain a safe distance between each other and control their speed.
  4. Skiers should only go down hills if they feel comfortable going down them. Walking down hills in grass (with or without skis on) is acceptable.
  5. Skiers will alert each other of vehicles in the area by yelling out, “Car up”/“Car back” or “Bike up”/”Bike back”
  6. Skiers should obey traffic laws – including stop signs.
  7. If skiing on a road or bike path, skiers are encouraged to stay single file and ski in the direction of traffic. Skiers will move over and double pole (or stop) when cars are passing.
  8. If a skier gets injured, inform coaches immediately and/or call for help.
  9. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Assume cars and bikes cannot see you. Use common sense and whatever other strategy you can think of to be safe.

Other Necessary Items
 watch
 water bottle & water bottle carrier
 sunglasses


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