The Peak Scholarship Fund

The Peak Scholarships are made available by the following generous contributors and/or prior contributions:

Prowl the Peak
Peak Nordic Ski Swap
Bergkönig Trail Run
Generac Power Systems, Inc.
Nancy Sellars Memorial Scholarship Fund
In Memoriam: George Gesior

Purpose Statement:
The Peak Scholarship Fund is managed by the Peak Nordic Board to provide financial assistance to Peak Nordic Ski Club participants, alumni, and coaches in ski related training, education, travel, and/or race events.

The Peak Scholarship Fund will be available for:

  • Supplemental funding of Peak Nordic skiers who qualify for Junior Nationals or other national/international level competition deemed applicable by the Peak Nordic Board
  • Limited assistance for elite skiers who are alumni of Peak Nordic Ski Club
  • Coaches’ training

This is not a need-based scholarship.

All disbursements are at the discretion of the Peak Nordic Board.

To request this scholarship, complete The Peak Scholarship Application Form.A one-page letter may be attached to the application to further explain or expand on your scholarship request.

The scholarship request must be submitted to the Peak Nordic Board by April 1st.

Please submit receipt(s) verifying the funds were used for the purpose the scholarship is requested, at the time of the application or at the time the funds are used subsequent to the request.


Updated application below:

The Peak Scholarship Application

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