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Peak Nordic Kids is an organization devoted to helping kids have fun with the sport of cross country skiing.




We introduce children in the K5 to 6th grade age range to cross country skiing through a series of fun instruction and games. The group is divided by technique and ability to keep the sessions focused and fast paced. We utilize a cross country skiing playground with obstacles and games designed for "'learning by playing." Our success is measured by how much the kids learn and how much they laugh while learning.


Peak Nordic Kids Vision and Purpose
Dedicated to providing a welcoming and fun-focused environment for K5 through 6th grade youth, of all abilities and interest levels, to experience the sport of cross country skiing.  By using games-based instruction, we aim to create lifelong skiers and build a sense of community.

The Peak Nordic Kids program is open to kids K5 (child must be 5 years old AND in enrolled in 5K) to 6th grade. They must have their own equipment. You can check out the Peak Nordic Ski Swap or special packages, for PNKids only, to buy or rent from the Bicycle Doctor.  Stop in at the Doc anytime after the beginning of November and they can help you out. We have found it beneficial that first time skiers classic ski their first year.

Did you know that all of the Peak Nordic ski teams are run totally by volunteers? You read that correctly. Peak Nordic Kids, Peak Nordic Middle School and Peak Nordic High School are completely supported by volunteers - managers and coaches alike - all volunteers.

With Peak Nordic Kids, PNK, registration at 100 kids we keep our costs down by supporting this group with volunteers. If we had to pay coaches and a support crew for this many kids the program would be considerably higher. Please consider joining the crew of volunteers and helping out with PNK as an Animal Shepherd. NO skiing experience is needed, although we ask that you are on skis to not trash the trails. You will NOT be coaching, just helping keep the group together so the coaches can coach.

Start HERE with the paperwork for background check. This process takes about 4 weeks so please start now as it will be winter before your know it and you want to be ready to be part of the fun.


All EVENTS are at:
Evergreen Shelter Lapham Peak State Forest
W329 N846 Hwy C, Delafield, WI 53018

Parents must be at the park while their kids are skiing. They can be in the shelter, out skiing, or better yet, skiing with us!

2024 PNK Season will be Monday evenings from 6:30-7:30

January 8th - February 19th

Registration for the 2024 season will open November 2nd, 2023 @ 9pm


We've reached the maximum kids that our man-made snow can
handle. Thank you for your interest in Peak Nordic Kids

Peak Nordic Kids participation is available on a first come first served basis and will be limited to the first 110 participants who sign up in order to ensure safety and quality.

Fee Schedule

  • $60 - Child 1
  • $40 - Child 2
  • $30 - Child 3
  • $30 - Child 4

Peak Nordic Kids has a NO REFUND policy. Be sure to check your schedule before registering.

Please consider becoming an Animal Shepherd and helping out our volunteer coaches. You will not be asked to coach just to help keep an eye the kids and make sure the group stays together. No ski experience is necessary but we do ask that you be on skis to save our trails. Start the background check process now to become an Animal Shepherd as it does take a couple of weeks and skiing will be here before you know it!!


Scholarship Information

Donate to the Peak Nordic Endowment Fund

If you’d like to submit a donation to the Endowment fund via a check please mail it to:
Waukesha County Community Foundation (WCCF) - Peak Nordic Ski Club
2727 N Grandview Blvd #301
Waukesha, WI 53188


Checks payable to WCCF - Peak Nordic Ski Club


Coach: Jim Fisher


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